Pure Magic-Mike & Kim

The stars aligned. The forest shimmered. They came home.

The day couldn’t have been more gorgeous. It was as if Glacier National Park was putting forth her best and brightest. The mist, the golden hues of the cottonwood, the glorious skyline where Earth meets sky. It was breathtaking! The stage was set for Mike and Kim. Kim looking as if she were a Fairy Princess with her botanical crown and Mike her dashing Prince, calmly looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

Mother Nature was the witness to this magical ceremony.

Mike and Kim traveled thousands of miles to join their kindred Spirit.
They came home to be with Nature.
The rings were a tribute to their witness.

Two simple blades of grass entwined around each of their fingers. Signifying their unity and love.

What a fantastic way to start your journey.

Such beauty and love surrounded Mike and Kim as they joined hands and became

Husband and Wife.
What a fantastic, brave and adventurous way to start your journey.

Pure magic.
Thank you Mike and Kim for letting Elope Montana get a glimpse into your Fairytale.

The Elope Montana Team

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